Kolean Sanders remembers August 29th as the day she was born. In her earliest memories, her birthday was as special as with all other young girls.

A series of traumatic episodes that occured over a span of neraly seven years transformed her childhood into one of hurt, shame, bitterness and pain. At one point the agony caused her to decide to end her life.

One of these experiences happened on her bithday and marked a devasting life change that she yet carries within her world to this day.

Throughout the life that ensued she struggled through the annual dreadful reminder every time her own birthday drew near.

She shares a graphic detail howe she made an early decision to not only surbive, but to thrive, and ultimately, to win. And she has indeed done all three.

She attributes her survival to the nurture of her mother, Mrs. Geneva Williams, who died when Kolean was only 14, and to God's grace. Empowered by His promises to her, she has fearlessly overcome obstacles faced by many to become a glowing reflection of God's goodness and a living example of Geneva's wisdom.